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Our curriculum is fun and creative, rooted in the natural world and tailored to the individual child; cultivating positive physical, emotional and cognitive development and igniting a life-long love of learning. Our distinctive Christian ethos and school values Love, Achieve and Believe are woven through the learning, encouraging kindness, developing a sense of social responsibility and celebrating diversity. By loving and learning from nature, we seek a healthier and more sustainable future. As an infant school, reading is a clear priority and rich language development and oracy are the foundations of this. Every child is read with or listened to individually at least once a week and children who are struggling are heard more. We use evidence-based interventions such as Literacy for All, Nuffield Early Language Intervention and Colourful Semantics to address gaps in a targeted and timely manner. Our curriculum is enquiry-based and learning questions promote curiosity and encourage children to discover their own learning pathways. Learning is grounded in first-hand experiences with exciting trips, school journeys or visitors often providing the spark for a new learning journey. Religious Education is prioritised with half-termly R.E Days using the Diocese of Guildford Scheme and our Big Questions Book encourages the children to think deeply about spiritual matters. 


Our curriculum is subject-based which allows us to plan for progression clearly between the year groups and to sequence learning journeys logically enabling children not only to progress in their learning but also providing opportunities for overlearning and revisiting skills and knowledge from prior units.  We pay particular attention in the Early Years to ensuring that children are well prepared for the beginning of Key Stage 1.  Reading and the secure acquisition of early language skills are at the heart of everything we do because we believe that this provides the gateway to all future learning.  We are proud of our rural, village location and seek to ensure the children are meaningfully connected to the environment by ensuring that lessons happen outdoors as frequently as possible.  We make meaningful links within the curriculum to the rich natural resources on our doorstep to promote learning in history, geography and music to name a few.  We have strong links to our local church with Reverend Liz Richardson delivering weekly collective worship for the children and celebrating special occasions such as Easter and Christmas together.  We are staunchly and unapologetically child-centred in our approach, seeking at all times to include the children’s thoughts and feelings in not only what they are learning but how they learn best.  We are an inclusive school and understand that we are stronger because of our differences.  The creative and expressive arts are a golden thread running through our curriculum and brought to life by our talented staff and subject-specialist teachers. 


Subject specialisms - weekly music, dance and P.E lessons delivered by specialists 

Links with local schools to enhance learning e.g St John’s Forest Schools, Farlingham Music Project and Forest Schools with the Duke of Kent School 

Half-termly special events focusing on personal development 

Junior Leadership Team - pupils’ contribution to the curriculum 

Focus on personal development through Playground Angels 

All pupils achieve their potential 

Wide variety of extra curricular clubs to support in class learning, dance, music, gym, sport 

Focused, evidence-based interventions for bottom 20% 

Independence for SEN pupils 


Specialist teaching 

High emphasis on intimate knowledge of children and their families 

Strong parental partnership/parents taking an active role  

ERIC and the library 

Every class outside for an afternoon per week 

Enquiry based learning