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Scott-Broadwood – An overview of our curriculum 

At Scott-Broadwood we make sure that every child has the best start on their schooling journey. Our curriculum is based on our core values, through which we deliver a broad, balanced and rich curriculum.  We are proud of our rural, village location and seek to ensure the children are meaningfully connected to the environment by ensuring that lessons happen outdoors as frequently as possible.  We make meaningful links within the curriculum to the rich natural resources on our doorstep to promote learning. We want all children to be inspired and to develop a love for learning, which prepares them for their next stage in education. 


Our curriculum: 

  • Is cross-curricular.  We link our learning across subjects to support children to think for themselves, make links and foster curiosity.
  • Is relevant and child-centred.  We teach what is important to our children and to our community. 
  • Is responsive.  We are adaptive, inclusive and nurturing to ensure our children have a safe space to learn, in the best way for them. 
  • Is progressive and varied.  We ensure that we build upon skills previously taught and that the children enjoy learning a wide-range of knowledge. 
  • Allows the children to take risks and encourages independence.  We are passionate about helping the children to develop excellent behaviour for learning. 
  • Is driven by high-quality texts.  We strive to give our children access to fantastic book choices to enjoy reading, use as a stimulus for writing and explore in other areas of the curriculum. 
  • Enacts the core Christian values of our school ‘love, believe, achieve,’ which encourage kindness and develops a sense of social responsibility and awareness. 

How is the curriculum taught at Scott-Broadwood? 

Scott-Broadwood's curriculum follows the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Whilst some subjects will be taught discretely, others will show thematic cross-curricular links. Our provision embraces cross-curricular planning when we know that it will add to the opportunities for teaching and learning.

We aim to foster and develop positive attitudes to learning. We also encourage our pupils to apply behaviours which make them effective learners. Our Christian values further enhance this approach.

We are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

Links within our curriculum to the local environment and community strengthen the children’s understanding across their learning.

To find out how this is delivered through each subject, have a look at the curriculum intent, implementation and impact for each subject.  

How is the impact of our curriculum measured? 

The impact of our curriculum can be seen and heard as well as represented in outcomes. Real learning can be seen through the children’s books, displays and the challenges that the children produce. In classrooms, working walls demonstrate the learning journey.  At Scott-Broadwood, on-going assessment is a feature of every lesson, which enables our teachers to plan the next small steps for each child. We have high expectations of our children, and we help them to make good progress in all subjects. This individual progress is tracked and reported to parents and carers at parents evening and on the end of year report.

Scott-Broadwood uses a range of monitoring throughout the year to gauge the effectiveness of what we teach.  Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders monitor each subject: reviewing learning, asking pupils for their opinion, providing individual feedback to children, celebrating the children’s success.  The impact of our curriculum is reviewed termly, and progress is measured against end of year outcomes for individual pupils and for the year group. 

DfE National Curriculum