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Our History


Our school has a rich history combining the school at the Capel site and the school at neighbouring village Ockley. The school’s merged in recent years and we now have a shared history. Jane Scott was an amazing benefactor for the people of Ockley. She had a heart for making things better, creating a well and then planning to establish a school.  Sadly, she died aged 39 but her life savings enabled the school to be built in 1841 - she was also keen to provide ‘proper religious instruction’. Meanwhile, the Broadwood family of Capel were famous piano makers and contemporaries of both Beethoven and Chopin! In the 19th century, the Rev. John Broadwood published the first ever collection of folk songs and his niece Lucy became the first collector of English folk songs. We seek to celebrate this historical spirit of benevolence and love of music at Scott-Broadwood today.

‘Ockley has a village school,

You pass the well and next the pool,

When a fair building meets thine eye,

Framed with simple symmetry.

Above the portal - pass it not-

Are writ the words, a name, Jane Scott.’

From Ockley Parish Magazine, 1881