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At Scott-Broadwood, Personal, Social and Health, Education (PSHE) and Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSE) are the golden thread running through our school and are inextricably linked with our value LOVE.  Love for ourselves, one another and the world around us.  We want to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become responsible citizens of the future. We teach the children in an age-appropriate, matter of fact way about how we create healthy relationships with others.  Pupils will consider how to ensure that they treat themselves and others, at all times and in all contexts, with dignity and respect. We teach our children about consent in healthy relationships and give them the language they need to keep themselves safe e.g ‘That is not OK’.  These aims are reflected in the whole of the school curriculum. They are interdependent and cannot be achieved without the provision of the PSHE curriculum.  We are an outward facing school, at the heart of our community and give our pupils every opportunity to learn both within and beyond the school gates.  We seek to ensure that our children have good self-esteem, cooperate with their friends and learn to be responsible and confident individuals. The children are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and consider what went well and what they would do differently in a range of situations,  building their understanding of emotions and how to interact with others. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues are addressed in an age-appropriate way through our value LOVE and our commitment to ensuring our school is fully inclusive.  At Scott-Broadwood we believe that building healthy relationships is not only an important skill, but also essential to keep our children safe.  Keeping Safe is a key theme referred to weekly in Collective Worship and our PSHE curriculum but also in our half-termly, dedicated Keeping Safe weeks.  The children learn to understand, respect and value others so that they can go on to form the effective, fulfilling relationships that are an essential part of life and learning. They also learn to value themselves as unique human beings, the importance of justice and British Values as well as valuing nature, not only as a source of awe and wonder but also as a precious natural resource.  


We use the Goodness and Mercy units from Guildford Diocese as well as the PSHE Association Question-Based Model Programme of Study. We have half-termly Keeping Safe Weeks and Online Safety lessons and information evenings for parents. RSHE is delivered as a discrete part of our PSHE Curriculum. There is a planned programme delivered in a carefully sequenced, dignified, honest and respectful way.  It will not discriminate against any of the protected characteristics in the Equality Act and will be sensitive to the faith and beliefs of those in the wider school community. RSHE will seek to explain fairly the tenets and varying interpretations of religious communities on matters of healthy relationships and teach these viewpoints with respect. It will encourage pupils to develop the skills needed to disagree without being disagreeable, to appreciate the lived experience of other people and to live well together.  RSHE will seek to build resilience in our pupils to help them form healthy relationships, to keep themselves safe and resist the harmful influence of the excesses of media in all its forms.  RSHE will promote healthy resilient relationships set in the context of character and virtue development that sits within the schools Christian Vision and Values. 


Children will leave Scott-Broadwood as reflective, confident, healthy and responsible citizens who understand and build good relationships, respect and value other members of the community and the world around them and have an age-appropriate growing understanding of how to keep themselves physically and psychologically safe.